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I thought I’d have a crack at learning Ruby. Strictly speaking this isn’t my first encounter, and so my title isn’t quite true, since a few years ago I did work through the “Rolling with Ruby on Rails” tutorial on the O’Reilly site. But as I was just copying and pasting code from a website, that doesn’t really count. (My opinion of Rails at the time was that barring some quibbles about the JSP-like HTML generation it seemed to be very good for the sort of thing it was aimed at, but that I was very happy not to be doing that sort of thing for a living.)

I’ve decided not to learn the language by buying a book or working through tutorials or suchlike. Instead, the plan is just to re-write tiny programs that I find interesting for any reason, relying on nothing much but whatever online reference documentation I can find together with my acquaintance with Perl and Python. This isn’t likely to be the best way of learning, but I want to see how far I can get with it.


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