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The other day someone asked me how I got into programming. This was an interview question. In retrospect it’s a surprise that no-one has asked me this before. The next time I have cause to interview a programmer, I’ll be sure to ask them the same thing.

My first degree involved a certain amount of programming, but it didn’t occur to me until quite late that I might have a knack for it. Other people on the course had computers of their own, and had been programming for years. I didn’t, and hadn’t.

Well, that’s not quite true. I’d had some encounters when younger, which I can illustrate with some photos I took yesterday at the newly opened Cambridge home of the Centre for Computing History.

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A couple of things we saw on Vatersay: the desiccated remains of a gannet, on a beach; a memorial for a crashed plane, together with some of the wreckage.

Dead gannet

Wrecked Catalina

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Here’s a photo I took from my phone, a few months ago.
"Thinking, Fast and Slow", next to blood stain
I had to take an unexpected journey, and had to make a quick decision, in less than ideal circumstances, as to what I would take with me. If, instead of this book and my phone, I had picked up my battered old iPod, then subsequent events might have taken a very different course.

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I must be getting old. Surely it should be Mr. Asbo Swan. Also: “Evek”?
Asbo Swan sez evek da law

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